• Result Computation System For All Schools

Result Computation System For All Schools

Teesoft Enterprise
Sep 17, 2019 | 552 Viewer(s)

“Mini Result Computation System” built to meet every one of your school’s basic needs. The system allows you to:

  1. Manage school information according to your class variations.
  2. Personalize class variations and subject names, as applicable to your school.
  3. Manage students’ and teachers’ data – allows for uploads of data from excel.
  4. To instantly compute all class records – total scores, students’ grades, subject/class positions, term results, cumulative results – once test and exam scores are entered for a class.
  5. View students’ summaries, print class result sheet, print individual report cards, and promote desired students (when applicable).
  6. Easily manage session and terminal data, by moving required class records from one term/session to the next, in accordance to your school calendar – other records are

You can test how it works here:

Username: admin001

Password: abcd1234

For more information contact us @ 08067960320 or

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